We need power and we'll only need more in the future. Pledge your support for solar power. Become the power that lights-up India.

My roof top is

Disclaimer: All conversions are estimates and may differ from actual calculation.
11151 KW
100 Sq.ft = 1KW


With every pledge you make, this map will reflect your commitment to Switching on the Sun in India. The brighter you see this map, the more people have shown support to illuminate India with clean and reliable source of energy.

Minister of Power, Jyotiraditya Scindia has received thousands of emails asking him for a policy that makes States in our country use renewable energy, like solar power. Now we have this application which will demonstrate our collective support for solar power.

The people of Delhi recently asked for a solar policy, and the Delhi government is on its way to draft a policy for the capital! If Delhi can, so can the rest of the country.

Let’s light-up India and show the solar strength in our country. Measure how much power your rooftop can generate through the solar app. It’s not a distant dream - it’s possible in your own backyard. Start the pledge here!


The question is WHY NOT? Solar energy is viable, renewable and abundant. There is no need to suffer from power cuts, pollution and expensive coal produced energy when there are alternatives available.

When the Sun can fulfill our growing energy demands, then why source energy in ways that harm the environment? Do we really need the destructive ways of generating energy, which calls for clearing out our forests, burning coal and displacing people in order?

The energy of the Sun will never run out. Let’s not depend on coal, which is not only polluting form of energy but will also exhaust soon. Our reliance on clean energy is urgent. The sooner we act to protect our habitat, the longer we have to plan a sustainable future for our planet.

Cutting down trees, burning carbon can never satisfy our growing energy demands.

We still pay a substantial amount for the power, and it continues to get expensive every passing year. With the right policies in place, solar energy can tackle all these issues at one go.

Convert the Solar into real Power.


Sunshine is created with millions and gazillions of atoms coming together. We too can create a rippling effect to create fully functional Solar cities! In today’s digital world, your share is testimony of your support for renewable energy in India. The more we share, the more support we get to push for the Solar policy. Let Jyotiraditya Scindia know that you are demanding a clean and sustainable city.

Social movements have gained momentum in India and across the world. Recently, we saw the Gezi park protest in Turkey. Common people started protesting against the razing of a park in the city, and took over the social media. The result was a mass movement in Turkey.

Imagine if your friends, networks, community start asking for solar power? We are always asking for solutions. This time it's RIGHT HERE, on your roof-top.

Ask for an energy revolution now!